Tuition, Financial Aid and Housing


Tuition is charged according to the number of units taken per semester.

Out-of-state students who establish California residency during their first year can often pay in-state tuition beginning their second year.

Financial Assistance:

The SFSU Office of Financial Aid can provide information on loans, grants, scholarships, and student assistantships.

The SFSU Program in Orientation & Mobility offers stipends to program students who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents.

For more information on stipends, contact:

Dr. Sandra Rosen, Program Coordinator

Phone: 415-338-1245



There are several options for housing the San Francisco Bay Area. For information and applications for dormitory or University apartment housing, please contact the SFSU Office of Residential Administrative Services.

The Office of Housing and Residential Services also keeps a list of places close to campus that are available to rent.

Lastly, many students choose to rent apartments outside of San Francisco, in the greater Bay Area. There is excellent public transportation from surrounding cities and towns.