Master's Degree and Credential Options

SF State offers several program options:

Master of Arts Degree in Special Education (Specialization in O&M)

The M.A. degree qualfiies one to work with adults. It also qualifies one to work with children in most states. It is required for employment in the Veteran's Administration system.

California Clinical Rehabilitative Services Credential in O&M

The California Clinical Rehabilitative Services Credential in O&M qualifies one to work at the California School for the Blind and in the California public school system. It is also recognized by most public school systems and rehabilitation agencies throughout the United States.

Master's Degree Plus Credential Option

Students are welcome to enroll in one or both of the above options. The programs overlap significantly. Students enrolled in the credential option can complete course requirements for the master's degree by enrolling in only one additional course (3 units).

Full-time and Part-time Options:

Students can attend the O&M program on either a full- or part-time basis. Courses are held in the evenings and on weekends.