Get to know the faculty of the Orientation and Mobility Program.

Dr. Sandra Rosen, Program Coordinator

Office: Burk Hall #150

Phone: 415-338-1245

srosen@sfsu.edu or mobility@sfsu.edu

Dr. Rosen serves as the faculty advisor for the program and teaches O&M methods courses. Author of "Step-by-Step", the first and only interactive computer program designed to prepare O&M specialists, she is also known internationally for her work in the areas of physical disabilities and sensorimotor development.

Ms. Erica Hogle, Lecturer


Ms. Hogle serves as an O&M internship supervisor She works as a certified O&M Specialist for Calfornia School for the Blind. Ms. Hogle specializes in O&M for learners with multiple disabilities and technology.

Ms. Maya Delgado-Greenberg


Ms. Delgado-Greenberg co-teaches the O&M seminar. She is nationally known for her work on curricula for teaching GPS systems to children who are visually impaired and has co-authored publications on listening skills and O&M technology.

Ms. Erin Foley


Ms. Foley teaches O&M methods courses. She has extensive experience teaching O&M and has served as an administrator at the Hatlen Center for the Visually Impaired, a rehabilitation center serving people aged 18-26 years who are congenitally blind. Ms. Foley is also currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Special Education.

Mr. Joshua Lopez, Instructional Assistant

Mr. Lopez assists in the O&M methods courses. He has significant experience with people of all ages and ability levels in the area of O&M. 

Ms. Katie Mazza


Ms. Mazza serves as an O&M internship supervisor. She works for the San Francisco Unified School District as a certified O&M specialist. Ms. Mazza has many years of experience teaching O&M to children and adults from diverse cultures and backgrounds.

Mr. Daniel Penrod


Mr. Penrod teaches the seminar in low vision therapy, a specialty track within the O&M program that leads to eligibility for ACVREP certification in low vision therapy.Mr. Penrod works for the Western Blind Rehabilitation Center as a certified low vision therapist and has experience teaching students who have a variety of visual and learning needs. 

Mr. Lee Staub


Mr. Staub co-teaches the O&M seminar. He works for the San Francisco Unified School District as a certified O&M specialist and has extensive experience teaching students who have unique learning challenges.