Course Descriptions

SPED 749: Medical, Educational, and Rehabilitative Implications of Visual Impairment (4 units)

Anatomy and physiology of the eye, disorders of the eye, and the functional/educational implications of vision loss. Functional assessment of low vision, use of prescriptive and non-prescriptive low vision aids. Optimizing use of vision. Application to individualized program planning and implementation. Related research in visual impairment.

SPED 747: Physical Disabilities and Sensory Impairments: Implications and Management (3 units)

Medical information and implications for instruction of people with physical disabilities. Use of specialized equipment, techniques for positioning, physical management, and emergency procedures.

SPED 753: Living Skills Assessment and Instruction for Learners With Visual Impairments (3 units)

Methods and instructional strategies for teaching specialized functional skills to individuals with visual impairments. Designing and implementing functional and age appropriate programs for learners of different cognitive abilities. Research related to visual impairment.

SPED 655: Basic Orientation and Mobility for Learners with Visual Impairments (3 units)

Basic mobility techniques. Development of spatial and environmental concepts and sensorimotor skills. Practical application of O&M related concepts to travel in home, school, work, and community environments. Related research in O&M and visual impairment.

SPED 756: Orientation & Mobility Seminar (3 units)

Historical issues and trends, philosophies, and professional ethics of O&M. Service delivery systems and resources for establishment, administration, and supervision of O&M programs. Related research in O&M and visual impairment.

SPED 757: Visual Impairment: Special Populations (3 units)

Impact of visual impairment on growth and development. Impact of multiple disabilities on learning and development of learners with visual impairment. Transdisciplinary approach to serving learners who have multiple impairments. Related research in disability.

SPED 760: Methods in Orientation & Mobility I (3 units)

Introduction to the use of the long cane. Orientation & mobility in indoor and simple residential outdoor environments. Application of O&M concepts to travel in home, school, work, and community environments. Related research in O&M and visual impairment.

SPED 792: Methods in Orientation & Mobility II (3 units)

Age-related changes in O&M needs. Assessment and individualized instructional methods in O&M. Environmental analysis. Current research in O&M.

SPED 822: Methods in Orientation & Mobility III (3 units)

Orientation & mobility in outdoor environments of intermediate complexity. Intersection analysis and street crossings. Use of public transportation. Related research in O&M and visual impairment.

SPED 823: Methods in Orientation & Mobility IV (3 units)

Independent travel in residential areas, light business areas, and downtown urban areas. Electronic travel devices. Diverse mobility systems and functions, and indications for their use in varying travel environments and by learners of diverse ages and travel needs. Related research in O&M and visual impairment.

SPED 788: Law, Ethics, and Instructional Planning (3 units)

Legal foundations and requirements for providing public educational services to students with disabilities. Sessions cover policy development, advocacy programs, collaboration with parents and professionals, individualized education and family support plans, technology and universal design, intervention, and issues related to post-secondary transition.

SPED 731: Field Experience in Orientation and Mobility (3 units)

Initial field experiences under the supervision of an ACVREP certified O&M specialist

SPED 726: Student Teaching/Internship Workshop: Orientation & Mobility (3 units)

Seminar for student teachers in Orientation & Mobility. The profession of O&M, including history, current issues, the Code of Ethics, and professionalism. Discussion of experiences and issues related to field placements.

SPED 730: Student Teaching/Internship: Orientation & Mobility (9 units)

Culminating field experiences under the supervision of an ACVREP certified O&M specialist.

ISED 797: Seminar in Educational Research (3 units) - Additional Course Leads to the Master of Arts Degree:

Identification and analysis of research problems; research methodology; research techniques including sufficient familiarity with descriptive statistics to interpret research writing; application of research findings to field problems.